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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mom packed your lunch, you can pack her makeup bag!

You know the one we’re talking about—the one that’s overflowing with the most random assortment of urban decay eyeshadow circa 2013, a black eyeliner so old you don’t even recognize the brand name, and the Physicians Formula bronzer that shows more pan than powder at this point.

Forgive our dramatic introduction, but it's a wonder our moms haven’t contracted some sort of infection from their makeup bags. Setting the expiration date aside, it's clear that mom’s makeup bag is in dire need of a 2024 makeover. And we have just the solution:

The Subtl Stak

An entire makeup routine in the palm of her hand. It’s one of the many reasons thousands of moms have swapped their outdated makeup routines for a sleek, compact makeup stak. Not only is the subtl stak personalized to fit your mom's makeup preferences, but the cream-based formulas and light powder products are specially formulated for mature skin.

Stak-ing the Benefits

subtl is clean, vegan and cruelty free

Speaking of formulations - each of Subtl’s formulas are vegan, clean and cruelty-free. The products are super easy to use (but we also have a ton of makeup tutorials if mom needs an extra helping hand.)

Your mom’s skin is going to love the sweet almond oil in her Lip and Cheek product, which will help even out her complexion. Not to mention the coffee seed oil in the concealer, which will help reduce undereye puffiness and inflammation while wearing it.

What the Stak-ers are Saying

a review from one of our older customers who loved the product

"Who has time for it all, not this momma. I need things to be simple. Less is more in both the packaging and the process. This completely fits my model of makeup use: light, natural, simple. The videos helped too. Cross utilization of highlighter and shadow, lip and cheek. How many different colors would I even use on my eye each day, seriously. It was a departure from my normal routine but I am so glad I had the chance to try. Keep up the good work!" -Sara

"I’m a postpartum mom and stopped using makeup. 6 years ago I did the whole 10 yards and with where I’m at now, this is my go-to makeup and all the other stuff I accumulated I’m getting rid of!!" -Elizabeth

Our Offer: The 3-in-1 Mother's Day Stak | Shop Now

a flatlay graphic of the mothers day stak

Designed with the modern mom in mind, our new mom's essentials stak is your shortcut to feeling put together and ready for every single day.

Here’s how we meet her needs:

3-Minute Magic: Our products are crafted for speed and simplicity. Whether mom is looking for a quick touch-up or a full routine, she can achieve it in just minutes.

Naturally Her: Achieve that effortless classic makeup look. Our products enhance mom's features subtly, using skin-friendly ingredients that promote a healthy, glowing complexion.

Walk-Out-Wonder: Designed for ultimate convenience, our products ensure mom looks presentable in moments, so she can step out the door with confidence.

This stak isn’t just about makeup; it's a powerful tool designed to fit seamlessly into her busy life, empowering mom to look and feel her best with minimal effort.

Because every mom deserves to feel fabulous, fast!

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the mom's essentials stak

designed with the modern mom in mind.
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