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5 coachella beauty hacks using subtl’s travel makeup sets

coachella makeup hacks to try with subtl's travel makeup sets; two women showcasing different festival-ready looks

5 coachella beauty hacks using subtl’s makeup travel sets

it’s that time of year again. you know – the one where we all refresh our tiktok fyp every other minute to see what makeup trends are coming out of coachella. whether you’re one of the lucky ones hitting up coachella or just experimenting with festival season makeup from the comfort of your own home, let’s explore some easy hacks to try with subtl’s makeup travel sets

before we cover how to accomplish coachella looks with our makeup travel sets, check out this video on what makes our staks such a must-have for traveling and hitting up music festivals:

@subtlbeauty Only the real ones know why Subtl was almost called “ho on the go”!🤭 ##5minmakeup##quickmakeup##travelmakeup ♬ BORN FOR THIS - Foxxi

coachella beauty hack #1: avoid lines from glasses using subtl’s makeup travel sets

avoid sunglass lines using subtl beauty's travel makeup sets that can be customized to include the shine control pressed powder

when attending coachella (or any other music festival) with your subtl makeup travel sets, it’s important to check the weather. coachella valley, where the festival takes place, experiences temperatures that range from the mid-70s° to the mid-90s°. however, desert temperatures drop significantly at night with occasional gusts of wind, known as the “coachella winds.”

considering that coachella gets hot during the day, tiktokers have taken to the platform with their sweat-proof makeup hacks. one of our faves – the no sunglass line hack – is a game-changer, especially if you’ve experienced the pesky issue on the bridge of your nose. user @blueyedcai found the perfect way to keep your makeup in place when wearing glasses:

@blueyedcai The ultimate #makeuphack for my oily girls!!!! I hate when i forget to do this! So i fugured I’d film it! And thank god because this lasted me the whole day! ✨ #fyp #coachella #camppoosh #grwm #sunglasshack #makeup #makeupartist @Poosh @Khy ♬ i like the way you kiss me - Artemas

here is how to use subtl's makeup travel sets for @blueeyedcai’s coachella beauty hack:

  1. grab our shine control pressed powder and your stak brush bff (aka the best travel blush brush that’s also multi-use).
  2. dust some shine control pressed powder lightly onto your nose where your glasses will lay.
  3. using your favorite setting spray, spritz the glasses where they’ll sit on your nose.
  4. apply a thin layer of shine control pressed powder to the same area of the glasses that you used setting spray. 

coachella beauty hack #2: contour your physique using subtl’s makeup travel sets

contour your physique using subtl beauty's travel makeup sets that can be customized to include bronzerwhile not a new festival makeup trick, contouring your physique is one of the best and easiest options for those wanting to enhance their abdominal definition. similar to applying makeup, contouring your body can be seen as an art form of self-expression, like sculpting or carving. tiktok user @soudersam has this coachella beauty hack on lock, using just a few products:
@soudersam You have to try this contour hack… actually insane #contour #contouringhacks #contouring #contouring101 #contourabs #coachella #coachellaoutfit #coachella2023 #makeuphacks #snatchedwaist #festival ♬ original sound - Sam Souder

here is how to use subtl's makeup travel sets for @soudersam’s coachella beauty hack:

  1. start with clean, moisturized skin, always
  2. grab a subtl bronzer darker than your natural skin tone, along with our highlighter or a cream concealer shade lighter than your skin tone.
  3. using the dual-end eyeshadow brush, follow the natural contours of your abdominal muscles. 
  4. apply the concealer along the lines you've drawn, blending to create subtle shadows.
  5. add a dash of subtl’s highlighter along the center of each contour to soften any harsh lines.
  6. set your contour with our shine control pressed powder to help it last longer.

coachella beauty hack #3: make diy bronzing drops using subtl’s makeup travel sets and a moisturizer

make diy bronzing drops using moisturizer and subtl beauty's travel makeup sets that can be customized to include bronzerare you looking for a lightweight makeup base option that leaves you with a bronzed glow fit for a festival like coachella? while we can’t recommend our cream concealer’s brightening formula enough, we totally understand if you want to go the sun-kissed route with a fun diy. user @mireyarios has you covered with a simple, unique way to make your own bronzing drops:
@mireyarios DIY bronzing drops #bronzingdrops #festivalmakeup #coachella2023 #coachellamakeup #coachellamakeup2023 #diybronzingdrops #diymakeuphacks #diymakeup ♬ original sound - Mireya Rios

here is how to use subtl's makeup travel sets for @mireyarios' coachella beauty hack:

  1. grab the subtl bronzer in your desired shade.
  2. scoop out a small amount of bronzer (protip: the amount will depend on how intense you want your drops to be). 
  3. add the subtl bronzer and a small amount of moisturizer to a container.
  4. mix.
  5. test the shade and consistency. if you want a more intense color, add more subtl bronzer. If the mixture is too thick, use more moisturizer to thin it out.
  6. allow the bronzing drops to dry and set.

coachella beauty hack #4: use a stencil with subtl’s makeup travel sets for an intricate look

use a stencil and subtl beauty's travel makeup sets that can be customized to include different eyeshadow duo shades to get a festival-ready look

since coachella is home to self-expressive, intricate looks, it makes sense why tiktokers are coming up with ideas to set their makeup apart from the crowd. at subtl beauty, we’re all about multi-use products, which is why we’re totally on board with @slaywithsparkle’s epiphany of using a thrifted lace mask for something ultra-unique: an eyeshadow stencil. check it out:

@slaywithsparkle Guys I think I did it. I’m dying to know what you think??! Is this as cool as I think it is for a festival?! I’m desperate to try it in different colours now! #slaywithsparkle #festivalmakeuphack #eyeshadowhack #makeuphack #2minmakeup #festivalmakeup #creativemakeup #LiveOutlandish ♬ Rock and Roll Session - Canal Records JP

here is how to use subtl’s makeup travel sets for @slaywithsparkle’s coachella beauty hack:

  1. secure your lace mask tightly to make sure it stays in place.
  2. grab a few of your favorite eyeshadow duos, a 4-piece brush set, and dry brush cleaner
  3. apply different eyeshadow duos with your brush over the mask.
  4. make sure you’ve blended well before taking the mask off to see your masterpiece.

coachella beauty hack #5: use subtl’s makeup travel sets and stickers to get festival-ready blush

use a stickers and subtl beauty's travel makeup sets that can be customized to include different lip & cheek shades to get a festival-ready lookthere aren’t any rules to coachella makeup (or makeup in general – you do you, always), making it a great time to play around with creative techniques and hues. plus, imaginative makeup leaves you with the best festival selfies. if you have any stickers that you’ve been dying to put to use, try this fun and easy coachella beauty hack by @bricksbychay on tiktok: 
@bricksbychay Lets try and make some cute blush hearts on my cheeks using heart shaped stickers for a quirky cute makeup look. #makeuphacks #makeuplook #heartmakeup #heartcheeks #heartblush #bricksbychay ♬ Kawaii Aesthetic - LoES

here is how to use subtl’s makeup travel sets for @bricksbychay’s coachella beauty hack:

  1. do your base with our concealer, bronzer, and shine control pressed powder.
  2. place your stickers where you want them.
  3. if you want the shape to be lighter than your skin tone, apply concealer under the stickers before moving forward. 
  4. grab your favorite subtl lip & cheek shades, along with the stak brush bff.
  5. apply the lip & cheek as you normally would, going over the stickers.
  6. peel the stickers away to see the shapes peeping through your blush.

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@subtlbeauty The perfect makeup stack for spring💃🏻 #springmakeup #makeupstack #5minmakeuproutine ♬ Belong Together (Sped Up) - Mark Ambor

which coachella beauty hack will you be trying with subtl’s makeup travel sets? 

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