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Power Moves: Our Struggles, Stories, and Advice


Our struggles, stories, and advice

As a female-owned and operated business, we stand for women’s equality and understand the struggles that modern women face in their everyday lives. We want to tell our stories and give our advice in the hopes that it will help and inspire others! If you haven’t met us yet, check out our Meet The Team Blog to get introduced!

What motivates us?

Courtney says: My inner desire to always grow, add value, and achieve was instilled in me by my mom. I watched her climb the corporate ladder and be a powerhouse woman while my incredible father took on the role of “stay at home dad” before it was cool. I’m definitely my mother’s daughter!

Rachel says: I’m very goal-orientated and competitive so my motivation often comes from me trying to beat a goal I’ve previously hit.

Jenna says: Where my family comes from has definitely impacted my drive to push myself professionally. My grandparents both fled Sicily as young kids, and college wasn’t even a consideration for the women in our family until my father had children. I was the first woman to go to college in my family, and it was such a proud moment for all of us, I want to continue to push my limits!

Phoebe says: I look back on how far I’ve come, even through times where I felt unmotivated or wanted to give up and remind myself that if I had not pushed through then I would not be where I am now. 

Alexa says: I pull inspiration from nature and I’m motivated by a desire to build a life where I can make a living off of my creativity. Whenever I start to feel defeated, I spend some time outdoors, away from the city, and my creative juices start flowing again!

Who inspires us?

Phoebe says: My mother because she has supported me through my most difficult times while simultaneously pushing me to be better and better. Also, Simone Biles, because she has shown the world that no matter how accomplished or “perfect” you are, you can still struggle and have challenges along the way, but that doesn’t diminish your achievements.  

Jenna says: I’m so inspired by all types of women: from Michelle Obama’s grace and leadership to Sophie Loren on body positivity to my grandmother who raised our family with a sense of pride and adoration.

Alexa says: My older sisters have always guided me in the right direction and set an amazing example. I’m also inspired by the women who I’ve worked with over the years, including mentors from internships and our CEO, Rachel. They helped me grow and taught me to be a leader. 

Courtney says: So freaking many! My mom and many of my female teachers throughout school. In the celebrity/famous realm, I have loved writers Anna Quindlen and Anne Lamott, of course, the Queen Oprah, and bada$$ ladies like tech journalist Kara Swisher.

Rachel says: My mom. Day in and day out she showed us that we could achieve absolutely anything through determination and hard work.

What were some of our biggest career struggles?

Alexa says: After graduating in 2019 and jumping straight into a corporate career, I struggled to find friends and fit in at my company. I worked in a male-dominated industry and often felt like I wasn’t taken as seriously as the men who had equal experience as me. I made the tough decision to leave, in hopes of finding a career that brought happiness and I’m so glad I did. 

Courtney says: I’m in my late thirties and just as women are hitting their strides in their careers, they’re also in the prime childbearing years. Becoming a mom made me more of a bada$$ at work, but it’s hard to juggle it all. It’s something women have to carry that men don’t have to deal with in the same way.

Rachel says: My biggest struggle has been taking a chance on myself and starting something of my own.

Jenna says: I’ve had to deal with verbal harassment in the workplace, which unfortunately isn’t uncommon for a lot of women. Wear too much makeup, male co-workers make comments, wear too little, you’re not wearing enough to stand out. The same goes for how you dress. There are so many “rules” that you’re just bound to hear something inappropriate, or get fed up, at some point.

Phoebe says: Figuring out college! I applied as a micro-biology major, began as a mechanical engineering major, switched to geology, and am now in the business school. Figuring out which of my passions I wanted to focus on has been difficult, but what I’ve learned along the way has been invaluable to my final decision.  

What would we tell our younger selves? 

Rachel says: Take more risks, sooner!

Jenna says: Do not think you need to be meek or more reserved just because you’re a woman. You’re loud, opinionated, and talented - the world needs more strong female voices, and you can absolutely be one of them!

Phoebe says: Don’t take everything so seriously! It’s okay to have fun and enjoy the moment - in fact, it’s better that way!  

Courtney says: GO FOR IT ALL. Most people are posing and you can fake it until you make like the rest of them. Also...men think they’re qualified for every job and women always doubt themselves. GO FOR ALL OF IT.

Alexa says: Don’t listen to the haters and the doubters. Do what you want, not what you think you should be doing. Also, take care of yourself before you worry about taking care of everybody else! You are way more capable than you think.

What do we love most about ourselves?

Courtney says: Optimism and energy. I’m glad they both come naturally to me.

Jenna says: I love my sense of confidence. I tell myself affirmations every day, because self-love is so important, especially as a woman. The confidence I have for my girlfriends (and they have for me, too!) is just as important!

Alexa says: My sense of humor. I never take myself too seriously, and frankly, I don’t think anyone should. When life gives you lemons, tell a joke about lemons. That’s my motto.

Rachel says: My drive. I’m grateful to have found my passion early in life and to have the drive to pursue it aggressively.

Phoebe says: I love my work ethic and ability to perform even under stressful conditions!

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