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Your Guide to Fall Wedding Season

September 01, 2020 3 min read

Fall Wedding Guide

Love is in the air, and as Fall quickly approaches, so do the weddings we RSVPed “yes” to way before masks were an essential part of our beauty routine (and um, life). From makeup and masks to packing during a pandemic, we’ve got your much-needed guide to maintaining a safe yet fabulous wedding season!

Make your eyes stand out while wearing your mask.

Make your eyes pop with an eye-focused makeup look

Mandatory mask? No problem! Make your look pop with a jaw-dropping, eye-focused look! From eyeliner to eyeshadow, these looks are easy to achieve and hard to look away from! Make your eyelids sparkle and shine with the Champagne or Rosé Highlighters, or add a pop of Fall-infused color using the Plum Lip Cheek for a standout eyeliner look!

For a highlighted eyeshadow:

  • Use a neutral color for the base of your lid, then apply the highlighter shade overtop to accentuate your eyes with a glittery pop of color.

For a plum eyeliner look:

Pro tip: Using your concealer as a primer not only works wonders for your eye makeup, it also minimizes the number of products in your bag, too!

Match your mask with your outfit for fall weddings

Turn your face mask into a color-coordinated accessory

You may not be able to see it, but we’re turning our frowns upside down thanks to these super trendy face masks that are perfect for all types of wedding wear!

  • Plain - if you’re rocking an outfit with prints or patterns, we recommend pairing your look with a more subtle face mask that still wows with elegance and color. From silk to linen, MasksLab has every color you need to slay the mask game.
  • Prints and Florals - we recommend diving into prints and florals if your look is more simple to give it an extra pop. PopFizzCheers has everything from floral to fruity, and even face masks for kiddos, too!
  • Sustainable - from printed fabric to simple and chic, Christy Dawn uses leftover (deadstock) fabric and organic cotton for all of their sustainable and reusable designs! 
  • Supporting Black-Owned Businesses -  if you’re looking to support new black-owned businesses, you’ll be sold on this one before you even check out. The color block, tie-dye, and snakeskin masks at Taylor Jay have us pulling at our wallets already, and the fact that they’re all sustainable is a bonus, too!

What to pack for wedding season.

What to pack:

So you’ve got your look down from your makeup to the accessories, but are you fully packed? If you’re stressing about what to pack this wedding season, stress no more. Whether you are attending a small, local ceremony or one that involves travel, we’ve got a list of must-brings to keep you safe and looking fabulous!

  • Travel-sized beauty products- from quick touch-ups to full-face application, travel-sized makeup is essential for quick access and less bulk in your bag. Not sure what products are a staple while traveling? Check out our blog to make sure your checklist is a success!
  • Purse-friendly hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray- from mini spray bottles to gel-based sanitizers, keeping both you and your phone germ-free is a top priority while socializing this wedding season. They’re easy to grab and even easier to use on the down-low!
  • Extra face masks and tissues - you can never prep too much, especially when a bit of alcohol may be involved. Keeping an extra face mask handy is essential during a social outing, and who doesn’t want to have a few tissues on-hand during those tear-jerker moments?
  • Shine Control Powder - traveling gets the best of our skin, which is why a travel-sized shine control powder is amust for keeping your makeup fresh and your skin oil-free on and off the dance floor.
You may be Fall wedding ready, but are you truly ready for Fall? Check out our blog and make sure you’re up-to-date on all the Fall trends to follow!

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