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How to Use Subtl’s Travel Makeup for 2024 Blush Trends

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Travel Makeup 2024 Blush Trends; Pictured: Dove Cameron and Rihanna Sporting Bright Blush and Unique Techniques

How to Use Subtl’s Travel Makeup for 2024 Blush Trends

Like 2023, all beauty signs are pointing to blush reigning supreme in 2024. Luckily – no matter if your style is a girly dash of pink or a sultry mauve vibe, there’s a blush trend out there for everyone. At Subtl Beauty, we have you covered (or should we say blushed?) with our velvety Lip & Cheek and ultra-pigmented Powder Blush. Not only are they both multi-functional travel makeup queens, but they come in stunning, versatile shades for all skin tones and aesthetics. 

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To keep you trendy, flawless, and with a perfect pop of color, try these four 2024 blush trends with your Subtl Beauty travel makeup:

Travel Makeup 2024 Blush Trend #1: Stained Glass Blush

Try Stained Glass Blush With Your Travel Makeup; Pictured: Woman Showcasing To Mix Your Concealer With Your Blush to Get a Stained Glass Look

Pictured: Try Strained Glass Blush With Your Travel Makeup   |   Source: Allure

Created by MUA J. Brandon Correa, stained glass blush is forecasted to take over in 2024. The idea behind it is to mix three different blush shades to mimic the cascade of colors that bounce off a sunlit stained glass window. Correa and many others say it does have the same effect. 

How To: “First, place a pea-sized dot of bright blush on the planes of your cheekbone — where you’d use highlighter,” Correa explains. “Next, use a deeper shade to add a similarly-sized drop slightly below to enhance your cheek’s natural contour. Lastly, select a shade of blush closest to your natural flush and use it to add a third dot to the apples of your cheeks.” And voilà!

Here are the Subtl travel makeup Lip & Cheek shades we recommend Staking for this trend (these may vary based on your skin tone): 

Subtl Travel Makeup Lip & Cheek Guide for Skin Tone: Warm - Daytrip at Dawn, Terracotta Tour Guide, Auburn Adventure; Neutral - Mauve in the Maldives, Hibiscus Highway, Pink in a PInch; Cool - Blossom Bound, Passport to Plum

Travel Makeup 2024 Blush Trend #2: Over-Blushing

Travel Makeup 2024 Blush Trend #2: Over Blushing; Pictured: Dove Cameron and Rihanna Sporting Lots of Blush On More Than Just the Apples of Their Cheeks

Pictured: Try the Over-Blushing Trend With Your Travel Makeup   |   Source: Teen Vogue (left); Instagram (right)

Have you seen the over-blushing trend on your FYP? Dominating social media, red carpets, and fashion shows, it’s become the new way to sculpt your face. It involves outlining your features with blush instead of contour or bronzer, giving your face more dimension and color. Cool, right?

How To: “This trend essentially consists of applying a pronounced amount of blush typically along the cheeks and extending it to your temples, forehead, nose, and chin,” beauty influencer Helin Doski says. “Back in 2016, it was all about contour and highlighter. In the past few years, we have seen a shift in the amount of everyday people and content creators who use blush.”

Here are the Subtl travel makeup Lip & Cheek shades we recommend Staking for this trend (these may vary based on your skin tone): 

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Travel Makeup 2024 Blush Trend #3: Baby-Doll Blush

Try the Baby-Doll Blush Trend With Your Travel Makeup; Pictured: Gigi Hadid and Karol G. Trying on Barbie-Approved Baby-Doll Blush

Pictured: Try the Baby-Doll Blush Trend With Your Travel Makeup   |   Source: Hypebae (left); Allure (right)

When I think of baby-doll blush, I envision Sabrina Carpenter owning the stage with her flushed cheeks; she’s basically the embodiment of this trend. For those not in the know, baby-doll blush focuses on using a lot of bright pink blush for a cute doll-like (or Barbie-esque) appearance. 

How To: “Tap off any excess powder blush you’re using and with a swirling motion, apply to the apples of your cheeks and up the cheekbones toward your hairline,” MUA Kasey Spickard advises. “I like to dust any remaining product toward and under the eyes for a romantic glow.”

Here are the Subtl travel makeup Powder Blush shades we recommend Staking for this trend (these may vary based on your skin tone): 

Subtl Beauty Travel Makeup Powder Blushes Being Shown on Three Different Skin Tones

Travel Makeup 2024 Blush Trend #4: Under Eye Blushing

Try the Under Eye Blushing Trend With Your Travel Makeup; Pictured: Woman Showcasing How to Mix Your Makeup Under Your Eyes to Get a Bright, Refreshed Look

Pictured: Try the Under Eye Blushing Trend With Your Travel Makeup   |   Source: Preview

The under eye blushing trend was started by a Tik Tok user named Spencer. In his eight-second video, he says: “If you're not blending your blush up to your undereye area, you're missing out.” According to him and many others, this trend helps you look more awake, making it a great hack for the gals that like to travel or busy moms that struggle to have enough time to get ready

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How To: Though it may look intimidating, under eye blushing is pretty easy. To start, add a dot of your favorite cream blush underneath your eyes and next to a dot of your concealer. Blend the two together with your brush. If you want more of a pop, go over it with our Powder Blush

Here are the Subtl travel makeup products we recommend Staking for this trend (these may vary based on your skin tone):

Don’t Stop at Blush, Upgrade Your Entire Beauty Routine With Subtl’s Innovative Travel Makeup

Pictured: Women Holding Up Subtl Beauty's Lip & Cheek Travel Makeup That's Stakable and Comes In Different Shades

Looking to upgrade all of your travel makeup and not just your blush? We don’t blame you; going through TSA with a cluttered carry-on bag is never fun. That’s where Subtl Beauty comes in. We create products, like our Starter Stak, for badass people on the go who enjoy convenient, streamlined beauty. Don’t believe us? Check out these 5-star reviews for yourself:

Travel Makeup Starter Stak Reviews: First off, I’m both a minimalist girl and a full glam one, and the Starter Stak has been a game-changer for me. I’ve had both Stak 1.0 and 2.0, and I can say that the improvements are so great with the new Stak. It has cut down my get ready time by nearly thirty minutes, and I love that touch ups can easily happen anywhere. I have a wedding coming up in Scotland, and I plan to solely take my Stak for my wedding look. If you’re a newbie, you can also add to your Stak, which is super cool. High recommend! You’ll never go back; I know I haven’t. - Jordan; I’m really glad I decided to give this a try! I was nervous to match my tone, but the concealer works wonderfully. It’s so quick and easy to use, perfect for traveling with, or even keeping in your purse. I keep mine in my purse and do my makeup on the go and it saves me so much time! - Ally; I'm absolutely LOVING my Subtl Stak 2.0! This Stak creates a natural and classic look that lasts all day long. I love that I can take my entire makeup routine with me on my frequent travels and it hardly takes up any space. Plus, no more wasting makeup! I use each product up completely before swapping with a refill. - Alexis G.

Here are the travel makeup necessities that our Starter Stak includes:

  1. Cream Concealer (in the shade of your choice): Transformative, versatile, and long-lasting, our Cream Concealer is a lightweight formula that’ll give you great coverage without caking. Plus, it’s infused with Coffee Seed Oil to reduce puffiness. You can choose from nineteen shades and if it’s not a perfect match, we’ll replace it for free.
  2. Lip and Cheek (in Terracotta Tour Guide): Versatile and multifunctional, our Lip and Cheek is a creamy 2-in-1 product that’s sure to give you a flawless finish. It comes in four stunning shades tailored to compliment your skin tone and style. With only a few finger taps, you’ll be able to add a dash of color to your look, no matter where you are. 
  3. Bronzer (based on the Concealer you choose): With our Bronzer having an ultra-high concentration of pigment, a little will go a long way. It’s seamless to blend for a flawless finish and it’ll give you a long-lasting radiance that’ll make heads turn in 2024. The Subtl Bronzer comes in five shades to enhance your naturally beautiful features. 
  4. Pressed-Powder Highlighter (in Champagne): Listen – we totally agree that highlighter is one of the best steps of a makeup routine, which is why we made ours easy to use and beginner-friendly. The Subtl Highlighter is versatile, amazing for highlighting and adding a shimmer to your eyeshadow look, and can be built up for a glassy, celestial glow.
  5. Shine Control Pressed Powder: Our Shine Control Pressed Powder is a game-changer, especially if you’re traveling in 2024 to warmer destinations as it keeps oil at bay. Unlike a lot of other translucent powders, ours is lightweight, cake-free, sets your makeup in place, and will last nearly as long as an entire plane ride across the globe. 

Subtl Beauty's Travel Makeup Starter Stak Includes Pressed-Powder Highlighter, Bronzer, Cream Concealer, Lip & Cheek, and Shine Control Pressed Powder

Want to join over 500+ happy Subtl Beauties by grabbing a Starter Stak to try these 2024 blush trends? Click here to choose your concealer shade, so we know how to perfectly curate your Starter Stak. 


Before you go – make sure to let us know which Starter Stak layer is your favorite travel makeup product!

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