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virgo-inspired everyday makeup look

welcome to our zodiac makeup series! today, we're diving into virgo season, celebrating practicality, confidence, and a fresh everyday makeup look that embodies the essence of this earth sign. let's get started with this step-by-step guide.

step 1: a solid foundation

begin with a base of foundation and/or concealer to create a smooth canvas for your makeup.

step 2: time to bronze

virgos are known for their practicality, so we're starting with a bronzer that serves a dual purpose – contour and eyeshadow.

using a fluffy brush, apply bronzer along your cheekbones, into the hairline, and down to your jaw and neck for a natural flow of color. blend well.

with the same bronzer, switch to a fluffy eyeshadow brush. focus on your crease with gentle windshield-wiper motions and blend using circular motions. keep it subtl, mimicking your natural shadows.

if desired, use the bronzer to contour your nose. slim the sides for a more refined appearance, or add depth at the tip to shorten a long nose.

step 2: tap into terracotta

for an everyday, practical look, opt for the terracotta tour guide lip and cheek shade. these creams are hydrating and versatile.

apply the product with your fingertips. begin with your lips, then dab the leftover color on the middle of your cheeks. blend upward, focusing just above the bronzer. the goal is a natural flush.

correction tip: if you apply too much, use your foundation or concealer tool to tap away any excess color, ensuring it stays on the upper cheeks.

step 3: enhance the eyes

enhance your eyes using the dune eyeshadow duo's shimmer shade. this touch of brightness will add a subtl pop.

use your finger to apply the shimmer shade in the middle of your lid and toward the inner corner. avoid overlapping with the bronzer on the outer edge. this shade's warm, golden tone brightens your eyes.

step 4: brighten & shimmer

highlight the highest points of your face with a highlighter.

using a different brush, apply the highlighter to your cheekbones, brow bone, and inner corners of your eyes. you can even add a touch under the brow for extra radiance.

step 5: finishing touches

apply mascara to your top lashes only. this widens your eyes and minimizes the risk of smudging. finally, groom your brows to frame your face.

congratulations! you've achieved a practical, glowing, and effortless everyday look inspired by virgo's nature. by using subtl beauty products, such as bronzer, lip and cheek, and highlighter, you've embraced the essence of this earth sign. enjoy your virgo-inspired look, and stay tuned for more zodiac-inspired content in the future. bye!

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