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5 Travel-Friendly On-The-Go Makeup Kits and Accessories to Gift This Holiday Season

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      Subtl Beauty's On-the-Go Makeup Kit, Accessories, and makeup bag.

      5 Travel-Friendly On-The-Go Makeup Kits and Accessories to Gift This Holiday Season

      When I think of the holidays, my mind jumps to the traveling I’ll be doing to my hometown and the stress of finding good gifts that can be lugged around in a car or on an overly crowded airplane. If you’re also one of the 115 million Americans traveling during the holidays, then this probably resonates with you. Luckily, Subtl has you covered with the perfect travel-friendly gifts.

      To make things less stressful and more jolly, we’ve compiled a list of compact on-the-go makeup kits (AKA Staks) and accessories for the Traveling Beauty Lovers, Busy Moms, and Students in your life:

      Our Starter Stak Is the Perfect On-The-Go Makeup Kit

      Subtl Beauty's On-the-Go Makeup Starter Stak. Showing concealer, shine powder, bronzer, cream highlighter and lip & cheek in terracotta tour guide.

      Do you know a Makeup Newbie, a Busy Mom, or an Avid Traveler? If so, listen up: Our Subtl Starter Stak is a 5-in-1 portable Stak of daily makeup essentials, making it the ultimate holiday gift for everyone on your list. Here are the makeup necessities that the Starter Stak includes:

      • Cream Concealer: Transformative, versatile, and long-lasting, our Cream Concealer is a lightweight formula that’ll give great coverage without caking. Plus, it’s infused with Coffee Seed Oil to reduce puffiness. You can choose from nineteen shades and if your giftee says it’s not a perfect match, we’ll replace it for free (this goes for all of our Staks!).
      • Lip and Cheek (in Terracotta Tour Guide): Versatile and multifunctional, our Lip and Cheek is a creamy 2-in-1 product that’s sure to give a flawless finish. It comes in four stunning shades tailored to compliment every skin tone and aesthetic out there. 
      • Bronzer: With our Bronzer having an ultra-high pigment concentration, a little goes a long way. It’s seamless to blend for a flawless finish, and it’ll give a long-lasting radiance. The Subtl Bronzer comes in five shades to enhance your giftee’s natural features. 
      • Pressed-Powder Highlighter (in Champagne): Listen – we agree that highlighter is one of the best steps in a makeup routine, which is why we made ours easy to use and beginner-friendly. The Subtl Highlighter is versatile, amazing for highlighting and adding a shimmer to any eyeshadow look, and can be built up for a glassy, ethereal glow.
      • Shine Control Pressed Powder: Our Shine Control Pressed Powder is a game-changer, especially when visiting warmer destinations as it keeps oil at bay. Unlike a lot of other translucent powders, ours is lightweight, cake-free, sets makeup in place, and will last nearly as long as an entire plane ride across the globe.


      @subtlbeauty A lot of you have been asking us how to start with makeup stacks. Well, check out our Starter Stack! It's got everything you need for a quick, easy makeup look, all in one. Just pick your cream concealer shade and we've got the rest covered. All our picks are best-sellers, so you're gonna love 'em! #quickgrwm S #makeupstack #makeupstacks #stackablemakeup #easygrwmmakeup #subtl #subtlbeauty #subtlbeautystack #subtlstakreview ♬ original sound - Subtl Beauty

      You can shop the Subtl Beauty Starter Stak here.

      Everyone Needs an On-The-Go Makeup 4-Piece Brush Set

      Subtl Beauty's On-the-Go Makeup 4-Piece Brush Set

      Makeup brushes are one of the best gifts to give because they last (as long as they’re taken care of, of course). If you’re holiday shopping for an Avid Traveler, Mom, or Student, then look no further because our on-the-go makeup 4-Piece Brush Set is the ultimate gift. Not only are the brushes compact in size, but they’re also versatile and made with synthetic, cruelty-free fibers.

      The 4-Piece Brush Set includes:

      • #35 Blush Brush
      • #15 Dual-Ended Eyeshadow Brush
      • #45 Powder Brush
      • #20 Stippling Brush for Cream Products

      You can shop the 4-Piece Brush Set here.

      The Ready Set Go Deluxe Set Is an On-The-Go Makeup Dream

      Subtl Beauty's On-the-Go Makeup Ready Set Go Deluxe Stak

      Wanting to give a little luxe this holiday season by revamping your giftee’s tired and ultra-cluttered makeup routine? Our Ready Set Go Deluxe Stak is a compact queen that includes all the necessities needed for flawless on-the-go makeup. Here’s what it features:

      • Cream Concealer: As we mentioned above, our Cream Concealer is transformative, versatile, and provides excellent coverage without that annoying cakey feel. If the shade you choose isn’t a perfect match for your giftee, we’ll replace it for free. Cool, right?
      • Lip & Cheek (in Terracotta Tour Guide): Have you heard the news? Our Lip and Cheek formula is ultra-creamy, hydrating, and nourishing with the help of Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter. Plus, it’s a 2-in-1, meaning more bang for your buck this holiday season. 
      • Lip Balm (in Original): Did you know the skin on the lips is super thin, making them prone to dryness, especially during winter? The Subtl Beauty Lip Balm enhances the natural color of the lips, provides intense hydration, and bestows a soft pout all day long.
      • Shine Contol Pressed Powder: Need a quick fix? Our Shine Control Pressed Powder is phenomenal at keeping oil at bay and locking makeup in place because of being formulated with Squalane. It’s also lightweight, cake-free, and impressively long-lasting.
      • 4-Piece Brush Set: Even though we just went through why our 4-Piece Brush Set is the perfect gift, let’s recap: They’re made with synthetic, cruelty-free fibers for gentle, effective makeup application, and they come in an ultra-compact (and cute) size.
      • Cosmetic Bag: Not just any ole’ bag, the Subtl Cosmetic Bag can easily fit all your beauty essentials and comes with a clear window so you can see what’s inside at a glance. It’s high-quality, durable, sturdy, and easy-to-clean for long-lasting use. 
      • Dry Brush Cleaner: Cleaning makeup brushes is a pain, so – to save time, effort, and money – we created our new Dry Brush Cleaner as its own layer. It innovatively removes pigment from brushes without water and is completely reusable.


      You can shop the Ready Set Go Deluxe Set here.

      Every On-The-Go Makeup Kit Needs Eyeshadow Options

      Subtl Beauty's On-the-Go Makeup Eyeshadow Duos and Eyeshadow Trio Stak

      When it comes to eyeshadow, there’s a shade for everything and everyone. For example, full-glam gals will likely go for a smokey eye when hitting up nightclubs in different countries, while the everyday minimalist probably chooses lighter shades for running errands or working.

      Needless to say, eyeshadows are universally loved and a great mode of self-expression, making them ultra-giftable. The Subtl Beauty Eyeshadow Duos come with two complimentary shades instead of one and have a velvety-smooth texture that’s both long-lasting and crease-proof. 

      Just In: We recently launched our Eyeshadow Trio Stak, which has three Eyeshadow Duos in the shades Takeoff, Staycation, and Layover. It also comes with a convenient Dual End Brush made for Frequent Travelers, Busy Moms, and Students, along with the Stak necessities


      @subtlbeauty This stackable eyeshadow trio is the PERFECT gift for anyone on your list! #subtlstak #stackablemakeup #makeupstack #subtlbeauty ♬ original sound - Subtl Beauty


      You can shop the Eyeshadow Trio Stak here

      Want to Give the Gift of On-The-Go Makeup This Holiday Season? Grab a Subtl Beauty Gift Card

      Grab a Subtl Beauty Digital Gift Card to Gift On-The-Go Makeup

      Shopping for someone else but not sure what shades of makeup they like? Give them the gift of choice with a Subtl Beauty Digital Gift Card. Just choose your amount, choose your design, add a personalized message, and schedule a date for when you want the card to arrive in your giftee’s inbox. 

      You can grab a Subtl Beauty Digital Gift Card here


      @subtlbeauty Replying to @colleenfalling I’m so glad you’re enjoying your Subtl makeup stak! These comments truly make my day <3 #subtlstakreview #subtlbeautyreview #subtlbeauty #subtlstaks #makeupstack #stackablemakeup ♬ original sound - Subtl Beauty


      Before you jet off to shop, make sure to let us know which on-the-go makeup Stak or accessory you’ll be gifting to someone on your list.


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