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Four Looks to Ring in the New Year With Your Travel Makeup

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Women Showcasing New Year Trends to Try With Your Travel Makeup

4 Looks to Ring in the New Year With Your Travel Makeup

With 2023 in the rearview mirror, spill the tea — how are you planning to kick off the New Year? Are you jet-settingto a dreamy localeor opting for a cozy family feast, all while keeping up that festive glow? Either way– to help you stay super on-trend, we’ve compiled four makeup looks that’ll have you slayinginto the New Year, courtesy of our must-have Starter Stak.

If you’re new hereand need a quick recap on our best-selling Starter Stak, check out this video:

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Keep reading to find out what our four favorite New Year trendsto try with your Subtl Beauty travel makeupare:

Travel Makeup New Year’s Look #1: Celestial Eyeshadow

Women Showcasing Celestial Eyeshadow to Try With Your Travel Makeup

Pictured: Try Celestial Eyeshadow With Your Travel Makeup | Source: Left (My Glamm), Right (St. Luke)

One of the oldest tricks in the beauty book for achieving a whimsical and flawless look is applying sparkly shadows, also known as celestial eyeshadow. While this trend isn’t new, it has seen some updates. Many MUAs now recommend blending shimmery hues both on the top andbottom of your eyes. For an extra pop, some suggest using highlighterinstead of eyeshadow.

STARTER STAK PROTIP: Our game-changing travel makeup Starter Stak includes the Subtl Beauty Powder Highlighter in the shade Champagne– the perfect match for the celestial eyeshadow trend. It’s easy to use, beginner-friendly, buildable, andultra-long-lasting.

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Starter Stak Add-Ons for the Celestial Eyeshadow Trend:

Travel Makeup New Year’s Look #2: Monochromatic Makeup

Women Showcasing Monochromatic Makeup to Try With Your Travel Makeup

Pictured: Try Monochromatic Makeup With Your Travel Makeup | Source: Left (The List), Right (Makeup.com)

Embrace the art of monochromatic makeupthis NYE – a trend that ties together your eyes, cheeks, and lipsin harmonious hues. At Subtl, we're big fans of multi-use products, and this trend perfectlyaligns with our views. Apply the same color across your features for a seamless look, but to add a touch of drama, use a contrasting shade at the corners of your eyes.

STARTER STAK PROTIP: Need a universally beautiful product to capture the monochromatic makeup trend this NYE? Look no further as our fan-fave Starter Stak features the Lip & Cheek in Terracotta Tour Guide. It’s versatile, multi-functional, andmade with hydrating ingredients.

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Starter Stak Add-Ons for the Monochromatic Makeup Trend:

Travel Makeup New Year’s Look #3: Mocha Makeup

Women Showcasing Mocha Makeup to Try With Your Travel Makeup

Pictured: Try Mocha Makeup With Your Travel Makeup | Source: Left (In-Style), Right (In-Style)

Bring in 2024 with a taupe smoky eyeand glossy lip combothat’ll have heads turning. Also known as mocha makeup, this trend is associated with warm, brown hues that are reminiscent of a delicious cup of joe. To get the cohesive looks above from Gigi Hadid and Shay Mitchell, try mocha makeup by incorporating rich browns into every aspect of your makeup, even your lips.

STARTER STAK PROTIP: For an effortless mocha makeup look, use a bronzer tailored to your skin tone. Our Starter Stak includes the Subtl Bronzer, which is chosen based on your concealer shade. If you receive a hue that isn't for you, you can return it for free. Cool, right?

@subtlbeautyThis moody, 90’s inspired makeup look is everything ! ! #90smakeuplook#makeupinspo#makeupforbeginners#easymakeupstack♬ original sound - Subtl Beauty

Starter Stak Add-Ons for the Mocha Makeup Trend:

Travel Makeup New Year’s Look #4: Watercolor Lips

Women Showcasing Watercolor Lips to Try With Your Travel Makeup

Pictured: Try Watercolor Lips With Your Travel Makeup | Source: Left (Beautynesia), Right (Byrdie)

It’s true: K-Beauty has beautifully taken over TikTokwith unique trendslike watercolor lips. If you haven’t heard of or seen this trend in action then here’s how to do it: Choose your lipstick color (opting for bolder tones works best) and apply it to the center of your lips. Next, use your fingerto blend it outward to create a more sheer, washed-out color effect like in the photos above.

STARTER STAK PROTIP: As we mentioned previously, our best-selling Starter Stak comes with the Lip & Cheek in Terracotta Tour Guide, which is amazingfor watercolor lips. It’s a stunning shade that’s made to compliment your skin tone, while also being ultra-creamy.

Starter Stak Add-Ons for the Watercolor Lips Trend:

Celebrate 2024 With Subtl Beauty’s Travel Makeup Starter Stak

The Subtl Beauty Starter Stak is the Best Travel Makeup

At Subtl Beauty, we create products for badass people on the go, which is why we carefully curated the Starter Stak(a 2024 must-have); it’s a time-saving game-changer that people everywhere can’t stop raving about.

Don’t believe us? Check out these glowing reviews for yourself:

Happy Subtl Beauty Travel Makeup Reviews

In case you need a quick recap, here’s the makeup necessities that the Starter Stak includes:

  • CreamConcealer(in the shade of your choice): Transformative, versatile, and long-lasting, our CreamConcealeris a lightweight formula that’ll give you greatcoverage without caking. Plus, it’s infused with Coffee Seed Oil to reduce puffiness. You can choose from nineteen shades and if it’s not a perfect match, we’ll replace it for free.
  • Lip and Cheek(in Terracotta Tour Guide): Versatile and multifunctional, our Lip and Cheek is a creamy 2-in-1 product that’s sure to give you a flawless finish. It comes in fourstunning shadestailored to compliment your skin tone and style. With only a few finger taps, you’ll be able to add a dash of color to your look, no matter where you are.
  • Bronzer(based on the Concealer you choose): With our Bronzer having an ultra-high concentration of pigment, a little will go a longway. It’s seamless to blend for a flawless finish and it’ll give you a long-lasting radiance that’ll make heads turn in 2024. The Subtl Bronzer comes in five shades to enhanceyour naturally beautiful features.
  • Pressed-Powder Highlighter(in Champagne): Listen– we totally agree that highlighteris one of the best steps of a makeup routine, which is why we madeourseasy to use andbeginner-friendly. The Subtl Highlighter is versatile, amazing for highlighting and adding a shimmer to your eyeshadow look, andcan be built up for a glassy, celestial glow.
  • Shine Control PressedPowder: Our Shine Control Pressed Powder is a game-changer, especially when you’re bringing in 2024 in warmer destinations as it keeps oil at bay. Unlike a lot of other translucent powders, ours is lightweight, cake-free, sets your makeup in place, and will last nearly as long as an entire plane ride across the globe.


The Subtl Beauty Starter Stak Includes Concealer, Highlighter, Shine Control Pressed Powder, Bronzer, and Lip & Cheek

Want to join over 200+happy Subtl Beauties by grabbing a Starter Stak before 2024? Click hereto choose your concealer shade, so we know how to perfectly curate your Starter Stak. If you’re unsure what shade would fit your skin tone, check out our 30-secondquiz.

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If you’re already a die-hard fan of the Starter Stak, make sure to let us know how it’s revolutionized travel makeup for you andhow you’ll be using it in 2024.

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