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Wine-Inspired Makeup Looks

Wine-inspired Makeup

There’s only one thing more fun than playing around with makeup… WINE! Whether it’s a girls night out, a date night, happy hour with your co-workers or a family gathering, wine nights out (or in) give us the opportunity to get dolled up—and in this blog, I decided to get creative and base my looks off of different wine nights! Grab a glass, pop the cork, and dive into some must-try wine night looks using some of my favorite Subtl shades!

White wine inspired makeup

Lighten up your look in some Chardonnay shades

Ahh, Chardonnay, the love of my life (don’t tell my boyfriend that, he still thinks he’s in first place). For girls night last week, we opted for some of our favorite lighter makeup shades to compliment our darker fall looks, and neither our makeup nor the wine disappointed. 
How I achieved this look:

  • To achieve my new favorite lip color, I mixed Dusty Rose and Mauve Lip Cheeks and got the BEST color combo—a deeper pink meets a light shade of brown, shade. I also applied this mixture to the balls of my cheeks for a pop of color!
  • Next, I applied some Champagne Highlighter at the top of my cheekbones up toward my temples to give me a lighter, glistening look across my cheeks.

I added some Cool Bronzer to my cheekbones and sides of the nose to complete my look with the perfect contour!

Malbec inspired makeup look

Make Malbec your makeup mood 

There’s something about Malbecs and date nights that go hand in hand, and for the last warm weekend of the season, we wanted to celebrate with some red wine and Italian food at our favorite local restaurant. To match the romantic mood, I opted for deeper pops of color on the lips, with a complimentary highlight on the cheekbones.

How I achieved this look:

  • Plum Lip Cheek was my staple product, giving me the perfect grape-inspired look I was going for. I only added one layer of this shade to my lips to give it a brighter one, but more shades equals more depth!
  • I added the Plum Lip Cheek to the tops of my cheekbones, and added some Rosé Highlighter to give me a slight hue of pink to my cheeks.

Finally, I added some Cool Bronzer to my cheekbones and sides of the nose to create the perfect contoured look for date night. 

Bubbly inspired makeup look

Blush over this bubbly look 

My favorite go-to shade, a pop of pink goes perfect with any bubbly night out with the ladies. I love to wear more neutral shades when having a night of champagne, prosecco, or rosé with my girlfriends, allowing my makeup to be the star of the show.

How I achieved this look:

  • The star of this look I created was easily the Perfectly Pink Lip Cheek. My favorite go-to shade, I applied this product to my lips a few times to create the exact pop of color I was looking for on my lips.
  • Next, I applied the Rosé Highlighter to the ball of my nose, the edge of my cupid's bow, and the tops of my cheeks, up toward my temples. This created a light pink glisten to emphasize my glow.
  • Lastly, using the tips of my pointer fingers, I applied the same lip cheek product to the balls of my cheeks, rubbing in and working in an upward motion to follow along the length of my highlight, blending in to create a natural line of color and shine.
Does red wine tend to give you the infamous dry, purple wine lips? Try these lip care tricks to keep your lips soft, supple, and hydrated!
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